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Travel Alerts
We all love to travel to distant and interesting destinations. At times this means we may find ourselves affected by issues beyond our control. Below are a few of the current international health alerts. For safe travel we always advise registering your itinerary on the Smart Traveller website and subscribing to the destination specific alert emails it offers.


Plague – Madagascar

The current  plague outbreak in Madagascar continues to escalate with around 400 suspected cases being reported weekly.  Anyone travelling to Madagascar is urged to make an appointment to discuss the disease prior to departure.


Yellow Fever – Sao Paulo Brazil

A massive Yellow Fever vaccination campaign is underway in the city of Sao Paulo, following the closure of a number of national parks after the discovery of monkeys with disease. Anyone travelling to Sao Paulo should seek advice and vaccination prior to departure.


Cholera Outbreak in Chad

The Ministry of Health of Chad has reported a cholera outbreak in Koukou and Goz Beida Districts in Sila Region and Am Timan District in Salamat Region in the southeast of the country. Cholera is spread by contaminated food and water and travellers are advised to ensure they address strict hand hygiene and adhere to safe eating and drinking practices.  An oral cholera vaccine is available for those at risk.


Hepatitis A – Czech Republic

A Hepatitis A outbreak in the port city of Usti nad Labem, north of Prague is seeing significant numbers of new cases reported daily. Health authorities advise  276 cases have so far been confirmed. All travellers to the region are urged to have a Hepatitis A vaccine.


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