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Travel Alerts
We all love to travel to distant and interesting destinations. At times this means we may find ourselves affected by issues beyond our control. For safe travel we always advise registering your itinerary on the Smart Traveller website and subscribing to the destination specific alert emails it offers.


Rabies – Hua Hin Thailand

On August 8, Hua Hin beach, a popular tourist town in Thailand, was declared a rabies outbreak area following attacks by a stray dog that later died in quarantine and tested positive for rabies. Rabies is endemic in Thailand, with hundreds of rabid animals being reported annually, predominantly dogs. Travellers to Thailand are advised to seek  health advice from a travel medicine clinician prior to travel.


Nepal Flooding

Recent heavy rains have resulted in severe flooding in southern Nepal, particularly affecting the popular tourist destination of Chitwan National Park. Many roads and bridges are blocked by landslides and floods causing difficulty for travellers getting to and from Bharatpur airport. DFAT are advising those travelling to the region to seek local advice regarding disruption to transport and public facilities.


Japanese Encephalitis in India

The India Directorate of National Vector-Borne Disease Control Programme (NVBDCP) has reported 112 cases of Japanese Encephalitis in the Uttar Pradesh region this year (1st January to 13th August), 3 of which have resulted in death. This is on top of a significant number of cases of acute encephalitis syndrome (1208).


Diphtheria in South Africa

We recommend that anyone travelling overseas is up to date with their diphtheria/tetanus/pertussis vaccine. The South African National Institute of Communicable Diseases’ recent announcement of 3 confirmed cases (including 1 death) of diphtheria in the Helderberg district is unusual, but highlights that these cases can and still do occur in developing countries.


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