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Travel Alerts
We all love to travel to distant and interesting destinations. At times this means we may find ourselves affected by issues beyond our control. For safe travel we always advise registering your itinerary on the Smart Traveller website and subscribing to the destination specific alert emails it offers.


Hepatitis A in San Diego

An outbreak of hepatitis A  in San Diego is reported to have affected 228 individuals, 161 of whom have required hospitalisation  and five of whom have died.  70% of cases so far have been in the homeless or drug user population with public investigators so far unable to identify a common contributing source. A reminder that Hepatitis A is not just a disease of the developing world.


Cholera  in Tanzania

Thought to have been as a result of Aprils rains and subsequent flooding, Tanzania has been experiencing an outbreak of Cholera since May. Primarily in and around Zanzibar, a significant number of cases continue to be reported weekly. Travellers are urged to seek advice regarding food and water hygiene and to discuss the need for vaccination. More detailed information regarding this and other African cholera outbreaks can be found at http://www.promedmail.org/


Flooding in Sri Lanka

Deaths and severe damage has been reported in the Western, Southern, Sabaragamuwa Central and Western provinces of Sri Lanka as a result of heavy rains and flooding in recent weeks. With further heavy rains expected travellers are advised to monitor the situation closely, with severe disruption to transportation and services predicted.


Yellow Fever Outbreak Brazil

The Yellow Fever outbreak continues in Brazil with the government confirming late last week  that 259 people have died from the disease so far this year. The outbreak is mainly in the southeast of the country, in the states of Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo. The number of confirmed cases has risen to 756, with another 622 potential cases under review.


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