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Q Fever Vaccination Information

In order to establish your suitability to be vaccinated against Q fever, a blood and skin test are first carried out. The skin test is reviewed 7 days later, at which time your blood test results will also be available. If both the blood and skin test are negative, it is likely you will be offered the vaccine. It is important you keep your 7 day appointment, to avoid the need to be re-tested.

Possible Side Effects
As with any vaccine, there is the potential for side effects. Generalised flu-like symptoms are the most common (e.g. headaches, general aches, and tiredness) and occur in 1 in 10 people vaccinated. More severe reactions are very rare.
Tenderness at injection site      1 in 2 people
Redness at injection site            1 in 3 people
Local swelling of arm              < 1 in 100

Please contact the clinic if you are unwell post vaccination or have concerns about side effects. For after hours advice you may like to contact Health Direct on 1800 022 222. Additional information about Q Fever and the Q Fever Register can be found at

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