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Group Travel

Over the years, Travel Health Plus has helped prepare many groups of West Australians for trips to the developing world, with advice on everything from disease prevention and travel vaccinations to self-treatment and first aid kits.

Many groups travel abroad to carry out volunteer work during part or all of their trip. They often find themselves among the poorest, disadvantaged and most needy which in turn can significantly increase the risk of disease and illness to the trip participant.

Over the years we have found that the best health preparation outcome is when we liaise early with the group coordinator to establish a general health plan. Travel Health Plus has its own group liaison nurse. A seasoned and experienced traveller herself, Helen’s role is to discuss, guide and customise our services to meet the needs of each group. Our health advice is not just based on ‘general’ country recommendations but takes into consideration all aspects of travel including country and region specific destinations, past medical history, accommodation and group activities. Our doctors have extensive experience in travel medicine and will evaluate these and other risks and offer prevention advice accordingly.

Once we have established a health plan for the group, a profile is set up in the clinic and all subsequent participants who attend for a consultation receive clear and consistent medical advice. An advantage of liaising with Helen in the planning stage of the trip is participants can be informed in advance of any potential health risks and general recommendations.

Our staff are friendly and helpful, and eager to make this as easy a process for you as possible. All our vaccines and medications are kept on site to minimise the number of consultations required and our fees are comparable to a general practitioner.

The services we offer include:
• Individual or group appointments
• Group talks (conditions apply)
• Education on such things as food and water and mosquito borne disease avoidance
• Up to date malaria prevention information
• All vaccinations on site (including yellow fever vaccinations)
• Individual self-treatment medication kits, or one tailored for the group
• Travel health products such as safe, effective mosquito repellents
• Post travel consultations – and email advice whilst away, for non-urgent medical problems

For more information on our group travel services, please contact our reception staff or group travel coordinator:

Helen de Kleine RN
Certificate in Travel Health®
Clinical Nurse / Group Travel Coordinator
T: 08 9336 6630
F: 08 9336 6631

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