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Be Protected. For Life

Travel vaccines based on your itinerary, travel health advice pre and post-travel, and preventative medicines for all types of travellers – adventure travellers, family holidays, school trips, university placements, corporate travel etc.


Vaccinations play an important part in remaining healthy throughout life. They can be particularly important in seniors as age can result in a gradual decline in immunity.

Vaccines for Children

Routine immunisations for children are all kept on-site in our friendly practice so that your family is in the safest of hands. Along with routine vaccines, we can also advise on vaccination options for meningoccocal disease.

Work Vaccinations and Medicals

Corporate travel vaccinations and preparations are all conducted with the aid of a dedicated corporate liaison nurse to ensure that your employees are fully protected. We also do employment medicals, most visa medicals, and dive medicals.


Routine vaccinations for student groups as well as student travel vaccinations are a core service of Travel Health Plus. Keeping students protected throughout some of the most important years of their life.

Vaccines for Adults

As adults, we can often forget about the top-up vaccinations that are required throughout our lives. We ensure that all patients are fully vaccinated and you are fully protected for life.


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