Advancing age is often associated with a decline in general immunity. Vaccinations have an important role to play in keeping senior members of our society healthy and our team will offer you prompt and friendly service, with all vaccines for seniors kept on site for your convenience.
Seniors are also travelling in greater numbers and need to consider travel vaccines, but also need routine vaccines updated. Available vaccines for seniors include a tetanus booster, especially for garden work, and this can include pertussis (for whooping cough) and diphtheria in the same needle. There are two different vaccines that protect against pneumococcal disease and a relatively new vaccine against shingles which is now available free for those over 70. The annual flu vaccine becomes increasingly important with age, and is also provided free by the government for those over 65 years.
Our experienced medical and nursing team can provide all your vaccination needs and will report back to your general practitioner for continuity of care.