Travel shared with your family is a wonderful experience and one remembered for a lifetime.

Regardless of your destination but particularly if you are heading to a developing country, its important to ensure that all members of your family, big and small, remain healthy.

To do this you need to be aware of the health risks surrounding your itinerary and how to minimise the chance of getting sick. People often focus only on vaccinations but there may be other non-vaccine preventable illnesses you may not be aware of, that we can help you avoid.


  • How far in advance of our trip should we book an appointment>

    If you have time then 6 - 8 weeks before you leave is perfect. There is usually lots to discuss so for families we recommend one or both parents book an appointment first, leaving everyone else at home. Let us know in advance its for a family trip and we will make sure you are allocated plenty of time to discuss everyone. If vaccines are required we can then sort out a suitable time for the rest of the crew to come back.

  • What if I prefer to bring everyone down together?

    That of course is perfectly fine too. Just let us know at the time of booking how many of you are coming, so we can put aside an appropriate length of time. As a general rule for a family of four this would mean at least an hour spent with the doctor and then more time with the nurse if vaccines are being given - so keep that in mind when booking. We also ask for at least 24 hours notice if you are amending your appointment in any way.

  • Does being pregnant make a difference to what I need?

    Pregnant mums are a special group. There are some vaccines they cant have, some they definitely should have and there are some diseases they and their unborn child may be at particular risk of (if you are heading to a malaria risk area for example). If you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant and are heading overseas, you should definitely make an appointment with one of our doctors.

  • Does it matter how old my children are?

    As a general rule - no. Each age group has its challenges when travelling. From a health perspective age affects what vaccines can be given and when. Our experienced medical staff will take this into account when making recommendations based on itinerary and risk.
    Don't forget the adults in the group - its often parents who aren't up to date with routine boosters for tetanus or measles for example.


Now it’s time to put yourself in the hands of experts. Let our friendly and knowledgeable staff guide you through the next part of your journey.