Looking For Vaccination Records

Are you looking for a copy of your vaccination records?

All our travel patients receive a vaccination booklet in which we record vaccines given. For those who have received a Yellow Fever vaccine, the certificate can be found at the front of the booklet.

Prior to 30th September 2016, only childhood vaccinations were recorded on the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR).

It has only become mandatory to record ALL vaccinations on the Australian Immunisation Register since early 2021.

  • We are unable to provide vaccination advice by email (ie the need for boosters). Please book an appointment with one of our doctors.


If you find vaccines you have received at our clinic don't appear on AIR (accessible through your MyGov account) and you would like us to manually put them on for you or provide you with a record, a small fee may apply. Simply send us an email to reception@travelhealthplus.com.au and ensure you include the following: Name, Date of Birth, Address (where you would have been living when you had your last appointment), your Medicare number and your mobile phone number.