Influenza Vaccination

With the current COVID-19 crisis and the influenza season upon us, having the flu vaccine this year is extremely important.

Having both infections at the same time has the potential for serious health implications.

Travel Health Plus is a specialised immunisation clinic so you can be confident your vaccination is given in a safe environment, by experienced staff. We are not a general practice, there are no unwell people in our waiting room (which is why our staff are not required to wear masks or gloves) and we have a number of different areas within the clinic to ensure social distancing.

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More information about the influenza vaccine can also be found on the WA Health Department site.




Symptoms of influenza usually occur one to three days after infection and may include sudden onset of fever, chills, cough, sore throat, headache, muscle aches and severe tiredness.


Hand hygiene and vaccination are the only ways to prevent Influenza.


  • Will your staff being wearing PPE (gowns, gloves, masks)?

    The current Health Department guidelines for running an influenza immunisation clinic advise masks and gloves are not required if both the person giving and having the vaccine are well and have no respiratory symptoms. Our staff follow strict handwashing and alcohol gel protocols.

  • When should it be given?

    In 2020 you should consider getting the vaccine now. For those at higher risk, a repeat dose may be recommended in a few months.

  • Is there a cost?

    Most people need to pay for the influenza vaccine, however it is funded by state and national health departments in certain at-risk groups (such as those 65 and over).

  • Who should have the vaccine?

    The influenza vaccine is recommended from 6 months of age. It is particularly recommended in pregnancy, children under 5yrs, for the elderly, for those with chronic medical conditions, for health care workers and those with occupational exposure. This year everyone should consider it.

  • Are there any side effects from the vaccine?

    Common side effects are related to stimulation of the immune system and include local redness, swelling & discomfort and occasionally fever, muscle aches. These are usually mild and self-limiting and usually relieved by paracetamol. Having the influenza vaccine does not mean you are more susceptible to COVID-19.

  • Are there different vaccines?

    In 2020 all vaccines protect against the same 4 strains of influenza. The over 65 vaccine is 'stronger' to provide additional protection.

  • Is it the same vaccine each year?

    The vaccine changes each year to match circulating strains. It is generally well tolerated and does not contain any live virus and so cannot cause influenza.

  • Can I have the vaccine at home?

    We are not making home visits to administer the vaccine, so you will need to make an appointment. Be assured we are carefully managing our flu clinics to ensure social distancing.