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About Vax4Vax

The Vax4Vax program is an initiative of Travel Health Plus whereby a portion of funds from each vaccination administered onsite in our Fremantle practice goes directly towards a dedicated immunisation program overseas. The funds are donated to UNICEF who run immunisation programs which are focused on delivering necessary and life saving vaccinations to children living in developing countries.

At Travel Health Plus, we are well aware that as travellers to less developed countries, we are in a privileged position. Despite the fact that we are going to areas where infectious diseases are much more common than they are at home, we are generally able to afford preventative health care to minimise our health risks.[/vc_column_text]

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The Impact Around the World

For those people living in the countries that we are travelling through, basic health care is often not available or unaffordable. For this reason and given our collective experience of travelling extensively we have for many years financially supported Humanitarian Aid organisations in developing countries to help provide basic health care needs. These organisations include UNICEF, MSF (Doctors without Borders) and the Australian Red Cross.

The aim of all these organisations is to provide free, effective, basic health care including vaccinations, safe food, water and shelter to those most in need. Their aim is also to train local health workers to make their work sustainable in the long term. They are independent organisations and are entirely reliant on donor funding.

The following graphs illustrate global vaccination rates for three of the most important vaccine preventable illnesses.

Measles 0
Pneumococcal Disease 0
Rotavirus 0

To this point we have raised over $40,000 for this work.

Given our interest in vaccinations for travel, we have decided to create a new programme, called Vax4Vax. This is a very simple idea: for each vaccine we use here to protect our community from infectious disease, we will donate 50 cents towards vaccination programs overseas through UNICEF. Vaccines used in these programmes include polio, yellow fever, measles, tuberculosis and tetanus to name a few. So, as a patient of our clinic, any vaccines you have will directly benefit people overseas who would otherwise not have access to this valuable form of health prevention. The end goal is to help reduce the global burden of infectious disease and thereby reduce the risk for their communities and in turn for travellers.
Please feel free to discuss the Vax4Vax initiative with any of our staff members as they are all passionate about this cause.

– Dr David Rutherford –

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