• Services We Offer For Travellers


    Venturing abroad is an experience that has the power to ignite creativity, fulfil dreams, and trigger future potential. Protecting that experience before, during, and

  • Free Measles Vaccines For Adults


    The WA Health Department has launched a measles immunisation program for adults born after 1965. This is due to an increase in cases of

  • Children


    Where your children are concerned, you want to be sure they receive the very best care. Travel Health Plus is the place to come

  • Seniors


    Advancing age is often associated with a decline in general immunity. Vaccinations have an important role to play in keeping senior members of our

  • Measles – the plane truth

    February 19, 2020

    Measles – the plane truth By Dr Aidan Perse The main risks associated with overseas travel to any destination are food and water borne,

  • China – COVID 19 (Coronavirus)

    February 17, 2020

    The situation with COVID 19  (previously called novel coronavirus) is very dynamic. We have been following it since it started as a small cluster

  • University Student Travel


    Travel relating to your adult education can be exciting and challenging. In many instance however it can include travel to remote locations and/or participation

  • Adventure travellers


    Adventure travellers by definition are at higher risk than most of having an accident or illness as a result of their trip. They are

  • Individuals


    Every destination has its unique health risks, obviously some more than others - which is where we come in. In the ever changing international

  • Our Vax4Vax Initiative


    To this point we have donated over $50,000. Given our interest in vaccinations for travel we are very excited about our Vax4Vax programme. This