Travel Doctor

We believe that a travel health appointment should be about more than just having vaccines and giving you the right travel advice for you and your trip is paramount to us. That’s why our reception staff will direct you to make an appointment to see one of our doctors for any clinical advice.

Our enthusiastic medical team will share with you their knowledge and expertise, including up to date information on disease outbreaks and regional risks. Travel health appointments are usually at least 30 minutes in length, which gives us plenty of time to tell you what you need to know to stay healthy, but also for you to ask questions. Be assured you are always welcome to have a follow up visit if you decide you would like to come back and have an additional discussion, and for private travellers there is no additional out of pocket consultation fee expense on subsequent visits for the same trip.

During your visit we will provide you with appropriate fact sheets and other information, some of which can be found here. Remember though that the best advice is that which you will get from one of our experienced travel doctors.