Group Travel For Students

Increasing numbers of schools and universities are offering students an opportunity to participate in overseas trips. The reasons for these trips are varied and include attending international sporting events, for education, pastoral, leadership and character development as well as aid work.

Travel Health Plus has extensive experience liaising with travelling student groups. We also maintain direct contact with popular umbrella organisations such as World Challenge, Antipodeans, Rustic Pathways and World Youth Adventures and welcome the opportunity to discuss each group’s individual needs. Some of the things we can offer include:


  • Personal liaison with group coordinators to ensure best health outcomes for the student.

    For those schools and universities that offer the same trip annually or biannually, this means revisiting the health risks each time – as the risks may change even if the itinerary doesn’t.

  • Consistent health advice for all group participants – everyone gets the same advice and recommended the same immunisations

    This reduces a lot of stress for busy group leaders, teachers, parents and excited students. Our health advice includes food and water borne disease prevention and mosquito avoidance. For those working in the health setting we can also provide advice on HIV risk avoidance and post exposure options.

  • Group talks available to inform all students, parents and staff of health risks (conditions apply)

    One of our experienced medical or nursing staff will be happy to speak to the group and answer any questions about health risks, vaccines and disease prevention. We appreciate this may need to be out of business hours and are happy to accommodate.

  • Specific malaria advice based on the group’s exact location and sleeping arrangements.

    Malaria prevention is not just about medication but involves a range of mosquito avoidance measures.

  • Individual or group appointments.

    We can allocate a block of time for all students to attend the clinic together or organise to come out to the school or university and vaccinate on site there (conditions apply – contact our group nurse Helen for more information)
    Individual appointments are certainly a must for anyone who is needle-phobic, those with underlying medical conditions and for anyone who hasn’t had all their baseline childhood vaccinations.

  • Individual self-treatment or tailor-made group kits.

    For self-treatment of simple illnesses such as travellers’ diarrhoea, destination specific group medication kits and comprehensive first aid kits.

  • No out of pocket expense on consultation fees for student and group participants.

    That’s a saving up front of around $40 per person. Whilst Medicare doesn’t cover the costs of travel vaccines, most private health funds give a rebate of some sort, depending on level of cover and fund. Our vaccine prices are comparable to most pharmacies and available on site for your convenience.

  • Direct liaison with medical staff whilst overseas or prompt post travel follow up upon return.

    Urgent medical issues should always be dealt with immediately in country, but our medical staff are ready to provide backup information and advice.


Now it’s time to put yourself in the hands of experts. Let our friendly and knowledgeable staff guide you through the next part of your journey.