Group Travel

Travel Health Plus has its own group liaison nurse.

A seasoned and experienced traveller herself, whose role is to guide and customise our services to meet the needs of each group.

Over the years we have found that the best  outcome is when we liaise early with group coordinators. With our extensive experience in travel medicine, our health advice is not just based on ‘general’ country recommendations but takes into consideration all aspects of travel including country and region specific destinations, past medical history, accommodation and group activities.

Once we have established a health plan for the group, a profile is set up in the clinic and all subsequent participants who attend for a consultation receive clear and most importantly, consistent medical advice.

Our staff are friendly and helpful, and eager to make this as easy a process for you as possible and all our vaccines and medications are kept on site to minimise the number of consultations required.


  • How do we start the process?

    You are welcome to give the clinic a ring but it is often easier (especially for teachers) to make first contact by email. Let us know as much about your trip as you can. Include numbers and age of participants, an itinerary if you have one already and most importantly departure date. One of our staff will then get back in touch with you.

  • How much does it cost?

    There is no out of pocket expense on consultation fees for school and university students.

    Travel vaccines are generally not covered by Medicare but we keep our prices competitive. All vaccines and travel health related medications and products are conveniently kept onsite (to reduce the need for repeat visits).

  • Do participants need to make their own appointments?

    Participants can of course make individual appointments. This is often easier due to busy lives!

    We do also offer group bookings for those that would like to come together. Our staff are happy to discuss options.

  • Can someone come and talk to our travelling group?

    At no cost we often give talks to travelling groups, as well as other health care workers.

    There are some conditions around our ability to do this, and giving us plenty of notice is one of them, but have a chat with us and we are happy to accommodate if we can.

  • We see you have medication kits. Can we just buy them?

    Our self treatment medication kits need to be prescribed by a doctor during a consultation. Our staff will advise group coordinators of additional options for individuals and the group as a whole and can also assist with non-prescription medications and first aid items if needed.

  • Is there anything else we need to know?

    If anyone is sick whilst they away or becomes so shortly after return, we recommend a consultation with one of our doctors instead of a local GP. We are better placed to take into account health risks relating to the trip in the event they are relevant.
    Group coordinators are also able to email us for advice whilst away, for non-urgent medical problems.