Travel for Fun

Our travel vaccination clinics offer immunisations and health advice for all travellers; from individuals and families to aid workers, school and sporting groups and those heading overseas for business. With many years of experience we also specialise in advising those with complex itineraries and/or pre-existing health issues. Convenient and cost effective vaccines and medications are kept on site and recommendations are made based on you and your personal itinerary.  As you will see below we recognise every person is an individual and each trip is unique.


Regardless of age or itinerary your health is important to us. Whether you are an experienced traveller or this is your first trip into the developing world, one of our experienced travel doctors can provide you with up to date advice to reduce your risk of a health event whilst away.

Adventure Travel

If you love to get off the beaten track, look out on vistas unseen by many others or test yourself on a mountain peak, you are one of a growing group of adventure travellers and should definitely be making an appointment to see one of our specialised travel doctors before setting out on your next adventure.


Where your children are concerned, you want to be sure they receive the very best care. Our experienced staff provide childhood immunisations in a family friendly, relaxed environment. As well as those provided free as part of the childhood schedule, and updated to the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR), the clinic specialises in meningococcal and other, particularly travel related vaccines. We have a children’s play room and all children are bulk billed for their consultations.

Group Travel

Over the years, Travel Health Plus has helped prepare many groups of West Australians for trips to the developing world, with advice on everything from disease prevention and travel vaccinations to self-treatment and first aid kits.

Many groups travel abroad to carry out volunteer work during part or all of their trip. They often find themselves among the poorest, disadvantaged and most needy which in turn can significantly increase the risk of disease and illness to the trip participant.


Now it’s time to put yourself in the hands of experts. Let our friendly and knowledgeable staff guide you through the next part of your journey.