Congo – Ebola

The current outbreak of Ebola virus in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) continues, with more than 30 new cases being reported each week. This outbreak is located in the North East corner of the country. Total number of cases reported to date is close to 230 and the fatality rate is high. Public health measures remain in place. Uganda is the nearest neighbouring country to the outbreak and whilst so far there have been no cases there, ports of entry are on high alert. A number of other African countries have instigated border screening to prevent the spread. Travellers to the region are very low risk but need to be aware of the issue, expect delays at border crossings and monitor the situation closely in the event the outbreak widens. There is no vaccine available for travellers. Travellers returning from DRC should self-monitor for 21 days after return and telephone ahead before presenting to any medical facility if they become ill.