Counting the days until the borders open

Whilst our staff adapt to the changing world that is COVID-19; getting involved with other areas of health care, giving lots (and lots) of flu vaccines,  looking after family and staying safe and well, we can’t help but turn our eyes longingly to the various world maps we have around the clinic. Like many of you, many of us had trips we would have been on, right about now.

So while still socially isolating and staying home, take advantage of the opportunity to plan your next big adventure. We think as soon as our international borders are open and its safe to do so, Australians, ever the adventurers and roamers, will back out there in the big beyond. And we have been hearing about some amazing deals, so don’t get left behind.

In case you are wondering, we are still seeing the occasional ‘very organised’ traveller, who is taking advantage of their current flexible working hours to get their vaccines updated and finish off schedules.

Our thoughts and best wishes of course go out to those people both at home in Australia and around the globe, who have been directly or indirectly adversely affected by the current crisis. We look forward to returning to normal (in whatever form that comes) and once again preparing West Australians for travel to exotic locations.