India ICC world cup – Travel Health advice


With the men`s cricket world cup just a few weeks away, it’s time to start planning for travel vaccines and advice.
The stadiums in India are in 10 different locations, each with very different tourist attractions nearby and varying climates.

It is always advisable to make sure your routine immunisations are up to date before heading overseas, including Tetanus and Measles. Travel vaccines including Hepatitis & Typhoid are recommended for all travelling to India for the World Cup. Other vaccines may also be recommended depending on the duration of your trip, where in India you intend travelling to, and your tolerance of risk. With lots of people gathering remember the risk of Influenza and Covid 19 significantly increases.

Food and water borne and mosquito borne illness are generally high risk throughout India. Malaria may also be a risk depending on your itinerary. Mosquito avoidance measures are vital and gastro medications can avoid days lost and visits to medical centres.

We strongly recommend making an appointment with one of our Travel Doctors soon.