Protect your tribe for travel

Each year education is going further afield as schools, universities, and volunteer groups continue to see the benefits of learning beyond the classroom. Venturing abroad has the power to ignite creativity, trigger future potential, and give students cultural, economic, and social experiences that will last a lifetime.

When going abroad with a group, it is imperative to keep everyone healthy in order to protect those experiences – and that’s where Travel Health Plus comes in.


Our dedicated Travel Health Coordinator, Helen de Kleine, is a registered nurse and leader of our schools, universities, and group travel sector. Keep your tribe safe with a holistic travel health plan.

Travel Health Plus offer:

  • Group vaccinations on-site or on location and at a time that is convenient to the group
  • Vaccinations based on the specific travel itinerary to ensure the correct coverage
  • Personal liaison with the group coordinator before, during, and after travel
  • Group talks to ensure every member of the group is getting the same health information
  • Individual self-treatment or tailor-made group medical/travel kits
  • Specific malaria advice based on itinerary
  • No out of pocket consult expenses for group organisers and students


  1. Expect the unexpected
    Always carry a comprehensive medical kit including prescription medications and dressings.
  1. Vaccinations save lives
    Ensure your students have been vaccinated with childhood and destination specific vaccines.
  1. Prepare a ‘what to pack list’
    Remember to include culturally sensitive clothing, mosquito repellant, and water purification options.
  1. Have an emergency back-up plan in place
    Include each student’s medical history, emergency contacts, and evacuation information.
  1. Be Smart
    Register your trip with Smart Traveller (Department of Foreign Affairs) and subscribe to country updates.

The Doctors and Nurses at Travel Health Plus are vaccination specialists and experts in travel health. Make sure you contact Travel Health Plus as part of your group travel plan.