Services We Offer For Travellers

Venturing abroad is an experience that has the power to ignite creativity, fulfil dreams, and trigger future potential. Protecting that experience before, during, and after travel is paramount and where we come in.

Our travel vaccination clinic offers travel immunisations and travel health advice for all travellers; from individuals and families to aid workers, groups and those heading overseas for business. Convenient and cost effective vaccines and medications are kept on site and recommendations are made based on you and your personal itinerary. Check out our vaccine map page or read one of our destination fact sheets, to get a general idea of what travel vaccines may be recommended for your trip – however, please remember that this information should be used as a general guide only and each traveller will need advice that is specific to their itinerary, including places, regions, time, and season. General advice should not replace an appointment with one of our specialised travel health doctors.
We also offer comprehensive check-ups for those returning from a developing country having been unwell whilst away. Contact us immediately for an appointment if you are still unwell upon return or become sick shortly after arriving home.For those who are particularly unwell, especially having come from a malaria region, they should seek urgent medical attention at their nearest emergency department.
For travellers, vets and bat handlers who require rabies post exposure prophylaxis, we keep rabies vaccines on site at all times and usually have Human Rabies Immunoglobulin (HRIG) too. Please make sure you phone ahead to make an appointment.