NEDLANDS: 2/141 Stirling Highway


FREMANTLE: 85 South St, Beaconsfield


NEDLANDS: 2/141 Stirling Highway


FREMANTLE: 85 South St, Beaconsfield


Be Protected. For Life

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Travel vaccines based on your itinerary, travel health advice pre and post-travel, and preventative medicines for all types of travellers – adventure travellers, family holidays, school trips, university placements, corporate travel etc.

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Vaccinations play an important part in remaining healthy throughout life. They can be particularly important in seniors as age can result in a gradual decline in immunity.

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Routine immunisations for children are all kept on-site in our friendly practice so that your family is in the safest of hands. Along with routine vaccines, we can also advise on vaccination options for meningoccocal disease.

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Corporate travel vaccinations and preparations are all conducted with the aid of a dedicated corporate liaison nurse to ensure that your employees are fully protected. We also do employment medicals, most visa medicals, and dive medicals.

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Routine vaccinations for student groups as well as student travel vaccinations are a core service of Travel Health Plus. Keeping students protected throughout some of the most important years of their life.

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As adults, we can often forget about the top-up vaccinations that are required throughout our lives. We ensure that all patients are fully vaccinated and you are fully protected for life.


Kits and Medications

Our range of medical kits are designed to help you self-manage uncomplicated illness whilst travelling overseas. The benefits include faster recovery for simple ailments, avoiding expensive medical costs or inferior service and avoiding the risks of counterfeit medications. Our simplest kit treats travellers’ diarrhoea and our most complicated, everything from ear, chest and skin infections through to constipation and all come with a comprehensive booklet to guide you through their use. We can also tailor kits to specific needs, and all medications can be purchased independently of kits. A doctor’s consultation is required to purchase prescription items (found in all our self-treatment kits).

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Gift Certificate

If you are looking for a gift for someone who is travelling to a developing country, one of our gift certificates might be just the thing. We have a range of healthy travel products on sale in our reception area or the gift certificate could be used to purchase medications, kits or vaccinations following a consultation. Conditions apply so contact our staff for more details.

First Aid Kits

For those looking to take a comprehensive first aid kit, we have a number of options available. As well as various sized Equip kits, we also stock our own Travel Health large first aid module that can be purchased by itself or to fit neatly inside one of our medication kits. If travelling remotely in regions where blood borne disease is an issue, you may also like to consider taking one of our Needle and Syringe kits.

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Water Purification

Having access to safe drinking water is vitally important to help prevent food and water borne disease. Our staff can guide you in deciding which option best suites your needs and budget. We also stock a limited supply of larger water filtration bags suitable for groups.

Mosquito Avoidance

There are a number of ways to reduce the risk of insect borne disease and we like to avoid mosquitos in particular. The clinic stocks personal insect repellents, mosquito nets and permethrin preparations to treat clothing and bedding and our staff will guide you through the commonly asked questions of how, why, where and how much to use.

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travel health safety products

Healthy Travel Products

In our reception area you will find a range of products to help keep you happy and healthy on your trip – from face masks and travel towels to Stingose and alcohol hand gel. We keep everything on hand for your convenience.

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