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Routine vaccines are required beyond those received as a child, with most students being offered additional and booster shots in early high school. The vaccines on the health department schedule at this time include hepatitis B, tetanus and whooping cough, chicken pox and Gardasil (cervical cancer vaccine). These vaccines are very important for providing long lasting cover, however they do not cover students for travel related illness or for different occupational pathways such as health care.
For some students, vaccination at school can be a difficult experience. Our understanding and experienced doctors and nurses can help students keep their scheduled vaccines up to date in a friendly, private and unhurried environment. There are no out of pocket expenses on consultation fees for students and those vaccines on the government schedule are provided free.
Other vaccines which may not be subsidised but are nevertheless important include influenza and meningococcal vaccine.
Influenza is particularly useful for anyone with asthma or other chronic medical conditions, but can be used in everyone to keep them well, particularly in the cooler months and especially for those in boarding school accommodation.
Meningococcal disease is uncommon but severe, with common complications including limb amputations and death. There are different types of meningitis and different vaccines to protect against them, including meningitis C, meningitis ACWY and more recently meningitis B vaccine. Meningococcal disease seems to be more common in young children, adolescence and young adults. It is transmitted by close contact to others.
Our clinic also provides specialised travel health services for travelling student groups.
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