NEDLANDS: 2/141 Stirling Highway


FREMANTLE: 85 South St, Beaconsfield


NEDLANDS: 2/141 Stirling Highway


FREMANTLE: 85 South St, Beaconsfield


Corporate Travel

Today’s global economy often necessitates international business travel for companies of all sizes across many industries. Safe business travel is not a matter of good luck, but rather one of an organisations commitment to safe travel practice, good planning, risk management and pre-departure preparation.

Why use Travel Health Plus?

Travel Health Plus has been providing corporate travel vaccinations and other specialised corporate travel health services for over 16 years.
We guarantee the most up to date international health and medical services to those intending to travel and work abroad. Our staff is dedicated to travel medicine; a team of specially trained doctors and nurses, all of whom have a keen interest in travel and tropical medicine. We are also linked to similar clinics around Australia via the TMA Travel Medicine Alliance

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Leaders in Travel Medicine

We offer specialised corporate travel health services, delivered by some of Australia’s leading travel medicine experts. Our doctors and nurses have training and qualifications in travel medicine and regularly teach medical students and colleagues about travel medicine. In particular we have a special interest in returned travel illness.

Client focused

We provide individualised account management with dedicated clinical and administrative staff on hand to assist corporate clients. For locally owned companies this means you can speak to someone in Western Australia who can tailor guidelines and services specific to your company’s requirements.

We have extensive experience and understanding of a range of industry sectors, including maritime, mining and resources, aid organisations, consultancy firms and engineering companies. As such we understand the often unique requirements of global companies, such as rapid deployment, hostile environments and destinations with limited resources

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All vaccinations, medications, medical kits and healthy travel products are kept on site. We stock the full range of vaccinations, including less common vaccines such as Japanese encephalitis, rabies and meningitis. We are a Health Department licensed yellow fever vaccination centre and understand the intricacies of border requirements when travelling to and from a yellow fever infected country. We stock and can personalise self-treatment kits for a range of illnesses your employee may encounter whilst overseas, ensuring prompt and reliable treatment.
We have recently introduced e-Health consultations via Skype/Facetime for busy existing corporate clients who are going on a new trip. Particularly useful for those employees on repeat trips to the same or similar destination, or frequent travellers who don’t require vaccines but do need medications or a kit and which can then be picked up when convenient, or even posted out upon request.

Not just work vaccinations

Staying healthy overseas is about so much more than just being vaccinated. Your employees will receive information on a broad range of health issues appropriate for their trip, including but not limited to food and water and mosquito borne disease avoidance, safe sex, rabies risk management, altitude sickness and self-treatment advice.

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Key Clinical Travel Medicine Services

Pre travel medical consultations and advice
Post travel medical consultations and advice – returned travel illness

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