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What do you need for your trip? Each traveller and itinerary is different which is why we always recommend having an individualised consultation rather than following a generic list. We have however picked some common regions and summarised the major health differences to give you an idea of some of the things that may be considered. The information is broad and general, may not include less commonly recommended vaccines and does not take into account your particular circumstance or itinerary.
As a starting point for all international travel we review routine immunisations, including tetanus, measles, chicken pox, whooping cough, influenza and hepatitis B, boosting when necessary. You also need to consider that whilst vaccination is a vital part of overseas travel preparation there are other important things we may discuss relevant for your itinerary, such as malaria, dengue and Zika, mosquito avoidance measures, travellers diarrhoea protection and treatment, altitude advice, personal safety, DVT risk and more.


Africa includes the sub-regions of Southern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and North Africa.
This vast continent is known for its diversity in fauna as well as geography and people. Health risks vary between different sub-regions. Food and water borne illness is higher risk, including hepatitis A & typhoid fever. Cholera vaccine may be recommended for some travellers. Yellow Fever vaccination (mosquito borne) is required for entry and return home for many parts of Africa. Meningococcal disease is particularly common across Sub-Saharan Africa. Rabies is also present throughout. Polio vaccine may be recommended or required depending on up to date information. Malaria risk is very high in many parts of Africa.
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