WA Health Department launch a free adult measles program

As a designated travel clinic we welcome the health department’s decision today to make MMR vaccine free for adults.
We have seen an emerging number of cases over the last few years, particularly in travellers, and have written about many outbreaks both overseas and at home. It is one of our main priorities when we advise travellers about their health. As immunisation rates are declining globally, for a number of reasons, we are seeing a re-emergence of the illness.
Those born since 1966 and 1984 are the most at risk of not being fully protected against measles. From today the health department in WA is making a free booster available to anyone over age 20 to mid 50’s.
If there is a good response from the general public we should see less outbreaks in the future, which will protect those most vulnerable to the disease including newborn children.

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Dr David Rutherford