Carnival 2019 – Rio de Janeiro

The Rio carnival is a spectacular annual festival, this year taking place from Friday 1st to 9th of March (local time). A feast of parties, parades and balls, considered the last celebration before lent,  there are an estimated 2 million people on the streets of Rio each day. With so much on offer to see, do and experience travellers from all over the globe come to be part of the excitement and spectacle.

As with other similar events where large crowds from different countries gather in close proximity, risk of disease is heightened just by sheer numbers. Those attending should ensure their baseline vaccines are up to date (particularly measles and influenza) and that they have a current Yellow Fever vaccination certificate. Other vaccines may be recommended depending on itinerary (ie hepatitis A) and  measures should be employed to avoid mosquito borne diseases such as dengue fever and, particularly for those contemplating pregnancy,  zika virus.