Pre-Travel Checklist

Overseas Holiday Checklist – What To Know Before You Travel

1) Book those flights

So, it’s all quickly becoming a reality. You’ve just stumbled upon the massive flight sale you’ve been waiting for. It’s finally time! Now, there is a lot of things to think about before you take off on a trip, and it can get stressful. But we’re here to help you along the way and think of all those often-overlooked things that could fly over your head in the excitement.

2) So, where will you be staying?

Do your research about the location you’ll stay in.  Where you stay can make or break your trip. Whether you’re staying in one place for the full length of your trip, or you’re planning to be bouncing around from city to city, research is always paramount for your enjoyment, and your safety. So, we suggest even if you don’t have a completely set-in-concrete plan, have a good flick through the internet at the areas you think you could end up and make sure you assess the safety of these places and get to know the local laws and customs in this area. We have heaps of information on places you will be visiting, so if you’re currently doing a bit of study, click here to find out more. Plus, a few small phrases wouldn’t hurt either! There are so many amazing places to stay in this world, so spend plenty of time of this one and we’re sure you’ll thank yourself for it later!

3) Always do some study on where you’re going

Find out more about the country you’re visiting and look for handy travel tips. This one is similar to the previous, but as well as focusing on where you’re going to stay, it’s also important to view other factors which could affect your stay. For example, is there any political unrest in the country you plan to visit? Is it isolated to certain areas or does it spread further than that? As we mentioned before safety is a key factor of your trip, because most of all you want to relax and be carefree, not worried about where you are. Another crucial part of your travel, as if your location is in its wet or dry season. This can make a big difference in the precautions you will take in your travels. There is heaps of information on the Australian Smart Traveller website which you can check travel safety, register your travel plans with the Australian Government and get some great information on insurance and emergency procedures, have a look here.

4) Do you need a travel vaccination?

Unfortunately, your friend who spends a lot of time on Facebook finding ‘alternative facts’ isn’t the most reliable medical source. Neither is your friend who says, ‘I went all over south-east Asia with no vaccination and I was fine’. At Travel Health Plus, we think you should leave it to the experts to see whether you need a travel vaccination for your upcoming trip. Necessary travel vaccinations will vary from trip to trip, are totally specific to the countries you’re travelling to but should be tailored to you, your personal itinerary and health status. It’s important that you have this in mind early. Vaccinations are best started 4-6 weeks before departure. If you are however booking a last-minute trip, it’s never too late. If you’d like more information about our services, click here, we also have a vaccination map, which you can see for yourself here.

5) Pack right for your trip

Packing is a crucial part of your trip, take too little, find yourself either having to buy clothes on the go or re-wearing some clothes a little too much. Take too much, you’ll either be throwing things away, or lugging around your over-packed bag every step of the way. Backpack vs suitcase? If you’re staying in one place, the best option is always a suitcase. Wheels make the world go around, and make carrying your luggage cruisy. Where it gets a bit harder is if you plan to be going to multiple destinations and will be going through airports and bus stations regularly. This is where we would suggest a backpack, but with a backpack comes responsibility. You should be super organised so you can fit in all necessary items without making it impossible to carry. Every item you put in, must have a necessary use. So no, don’t pack 15 different t-shirts because you ‘couldn’t decide’, or take two jumpers to a summer getaway because you might get cold. As well as your clothes of course, we always suggest you take a good assortment of toiletries, medicine, travel adapters, sunscreen, hats, weather appropriate clothing, and some good sturdy shoes which will last! Depending on location, insect repellent and alcohol hand sanitiser gel will be a saviour along the way. Oh, and one more thing, a first aid kit, which you can grab from us here. Make sure you also decide whether you’ll be taking cash to be exchanged, a travel card or just your regular credit card and you get money changed prior to departure, activate your travel card or notify your bank of your travel.

6) 24 hours before you leave

Last minute checklist. It’s coming down to the final few hours before you take off on your new adventure! But this is the time to get all your ducks in a row and make sure you’re set and ready to go. First off, we suggest you have all your travel documents for flights, buses, trains, hotels and so on printed and stored safely, as well as the most important thing, PASSPORT! A travel wallet is always a great way to store these bits and pieces, and always remember a pen, it’ll come in handy and stop you from awkwardly leaning across the aisle to borrow someone else’s. A key component which can be forgot along the way is of course your chargers and your headphones for a much more pleasant flying experience. A book or two can also curve boredom and we suggest a travel journal so you can log your thoughts in a physical form to look back at later. Also, if you got a travel SIM, make sure it’s loaded up and ready to go to so when you arrive you’ll be ready to go. Next, always have a good friend or family member locked in for the all-important airport drop off, timing there is crucial, so it’s always good to be a little early and eat an expensive sandwich. By now, it’s good to have your money exchanged and make sure all your travel cards are activated and ready to go, but you can always do this at the airport if you forgot!

7) Off we go!

You’re now on your way to your destination with a smile on your face! Happy travelling and as always, stay safe! Got some more questions? That’s normal, head over to our FAQ’s to see if someone else has been thinking the same thing here.