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Travel Alerts
We all love to travel to distant and interesting destinations. At times this means we may find ourselves affected by issues beyond our control. Below are a few of the current international health alerts. For safe travel we always advise registering your itinerary on the Smart Traveller website and subscribing to the destination specific alert emails it offers.


Brazil – Malaria

Local health authorities have reported 47 locally acquired malaria cases in northern Espírito Santo State in the last two weeks. Anti-malaria medication is recommended for travel to affected areas. Anyone travelling to Brazil should discuss their itinerary with an experienced travel medicine doctor to determine their risk.


Zimbabwe – Typhoid

A significant number of cases of suspected typhoid (more than 1,400) have been reported since early July 2018 in Gweru. The city water supply is thought to be contaminated and investigations to confirm this are underway.  Typhoid vaccination is considered for all travelers going to this country. Strict food and water borne prevention measures are recommended.


Multiple Destinations – Measles

A number of countries around the globe are reporting a significantly higher than average number of measles cases. Anyone travelling overseas (regardless of the destination) should ensure they are sufficiently vaccinated. For more information check out our fact sheet.


Congo – Ebola

WHO are reporting a new outbreak of  Ebola virus in  Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). These are not linked to the recent outbreak  in Equateur Province which was declared over on July 24, 2018.  A number of other African countries have instigated border screening to prevent the spread. Travelers returning from DRC should self-monitor for 21 days after return and telephone ahead before presenting to any medical facility if they become ill.


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